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General Recycled™ now recycling used Kevlar textiles, closed loop recycling, first in the world for end of life Kevlar textiles.

As a result of the extensive R&D efforts at our recycling centre, a unique system of post-consumer recycling of aramid fabrics has been created.  

Rather than disposing of used garments and sending them to landfills, technology now allows us to recycle the fibre from used coveralls and reprocess it into new ones. Based on thorough testing of the recycled fabric, it has been proven that the recycled material has the same properties and performance characteristics as that made from virgin aramid fibres, and meets or exceeds the North American "flash fire" and "arc flash" standards for personal protective equipment. (CGSB 155.20-2000, NFPA 70 E)

The Process:

  1. Collection Stripping and Shredding
  2. Creating Yarn
  3. Weaving Fabric
  4. Knitting Fabric
  5. Converting and Dying

This process has enabled us to provide an environmentally responsible and economically sound closed loop cycle solution for FR work wear.

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General Recycled™!

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